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Income Requirements And Sweat Equity: What It Takes To Qualify For A Habitat Home

Habitat for Humanity, the nonprofit that builds homes for people on the financial edge, just signed a deal to buy nearly four dozen lots in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of West Dallas. Read on.

Habitat for Humanity takes possession of lots that may allow some in West Dallas to remain there

Habitat for Humanity says it will build 46 new homes within the next 2 to 5 years in South and West Dallas neighborhoods with land purchased from a landlord who is shutting down his low-income rentals there, the nonprofit announced Wednesday. Read on.

Dallas Innovates: Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity: Mission Expands To Middle Income Residents

The new initiative – believed to be the first of its kind in the national Habitat network – aims to pull the middle class back into the city limits. Read on.

NBC DFW: Minor Repairs Could Have Major Impact in Dallas' Loose Dog Fight

According to a city-commissioned report, a majority of southern Dallas’ approximately 8,700 loose dogs have owners who are not doing enough to keep them in their yard. Read on.

Dallas Morning News: Need a career? Oak Cliff Chamber and its partners can help you find one

The best way to break the cycle of poverty is to get people into jobs that pay enough to lift them into better circumstances. Read on.

The Business Journals: At Home Kicks Off Habitat for Humanity Partnership With 'Home is The Key' Campaign

The home decor superstore pledges $250,000 for April initiative. Read on.

Dallas Morning News: Ben Carson Visits Dallas Habitat, Says He Wants HUD To Be Agency 'That Lifts People Up'

Dallas Morning News: Ben Carson Visits Dallas Habitat, Says He Wants HUD To Be Agency 'That Lifts People Up'

They might not agree on everything, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity CEO Bill Hall mused, but for an afternoon, at least, he found himself aligned with Ben Carson during the U.S. housing secretary’s brief visit with the organization. Read on.

Dallas (CBS 11): Ex-Offenders Find Second Chance Through Habitat for Humanity

A new program spearheaded by Dallas’ Habitat For Humanity is giving ex-offenders and others down on their luck, a second chance at making an honest living. Read on.

Dallas Observer: Bonton Farms' Next Weapon in the War Against South Dallas Food Deserts: A Market and Cafe

When Daron Babcock prepared to jump into the farming business, he noticed one thing about his new neighborhood. “When I moved down here, everybody around me was sick, like really sick,” he says. “Willy, who was one of the first guys I started working with, he was almost blind from diabetes; his sister had her leg amputated from diabetes. I’ve never been around people like that who are that sick. “Then I found out — it’s a food desert.” Read on.

Texas Jewish Post: Patience key as Dallas fights against poverty

DALLAS – What is the role of city government in tackling poverty and its causes, and how can it work with volunteers and local organizations to improve ongoing efforts? Read on.

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